ARIA – Techno-decorative and contemporary lighting

We provide designers and architects minimalist and high-performance lighting solutions.

Thanks to a hybrid approach between creativity, essentiality, and efficiency, we can offer tools that open new and infinite design solutions. Imagination comes to light.

Starting with the building blocks of IVELA’s 35+ years’ experience of engineering and manufacturing for the lighting industry and IALUX’s expertise in project management for marine hospitality, we have worked closely with designers to develop new tools for their project needs.

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Making light since 1986


We have 35+ years of experience in extensive product engineering and high-volume cost-effective manufacturing.

Our history

Made in Milano


We are an Italian architectural lighting brand. All our products and components are sourced and manufactured in the design capital of Italy.


Techno-decorative soul


Our products combine efficient optical and electronic performance, with a design taste and attention to minimal shapes and clean lines.

Design & Techonology

In&Out approach


We design products with consistent design and performances for interior and exterior applications, allowing a project homogeneity.

Eclectic Light

Light as a media


Lights go beyond illumination to become a communicative element.

Communicative soul

We believe in the power of choice. We offer designers solutions featuring pure shapes, essential lines and soft openings creating precise lighting performances.

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