Solution maker,
in the lighting sector,
since 1986

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Born in 1986, we were able to achieve after a few years only, a worldwide leadership position in the production, strictly Made in Italy, of high-quality architectural lighting fittings.

Our experience



The starting point of the creation of our products is a continuous search for innovation and evolution. We study, develop and build, step by step, a new concept of research and development, that will be strategic for the evolution of our new idea of cutting-edge lighting technology.
We consider quality as an objective and an incentive for the growth of our know-how. Thanks to a continuous comparison, internal and external, we have made our quality standard a real competitive factor that aims to feed our futuristic vision with constancy and dedication.


Green DNA


We ground our green leanings on respect for all the people involved in the company processes because we work for the protection of our planet.

Our values

Lighting design team


Our lighting design team customize and follow-up each project in all its steps. The architectural features are enhanced through an aware use of light, working together with customers, and fully exploiting the chosen lighting fittings’ potential.

Attention to details

Our brands

Techno-decorative and contemporary lighting


We provide designers and architects minimalist and high-performance lighting solutions. Thanks to a hybrid approach between creativity, essentiality, and efficiency, we can offer tools that open new and infinite design solutions.
Imagination comes to light.

Naval project management


We are specialists in lighting design and in the production of LED luminaires specific for the sector. We design our fittings focusing on development assets and solid corporate values that allow for special product engineering, production capabilities for large volumes and cost control.


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